From Integrated Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2023

This report sets out our remuneration policy and remuneration implementation report for all group employees. The report reflects how the remuneration policy and practices were implemented in the reporting period to align with shareholder value creation, thereby enabling shareholders to make informed decisions when voting on remuneration related resolutions. The report is presented in three parts.

SECTION A: Background Statement
SECTION B: Remuneration policy
SECTION C: Implementation report


Background Statement

The report summarises the philosophy and principles of and approach to remuneration at Bell. In addition, it provides an overview of the remuneration of all group employees together with the details of both executive and non executive director remuneration which is underpinned by the alignment thereof with shareholder value creation. The structure and the content of the report considers the corporate governance principles recommended in King IV in relation to the remuneration policy and the disclosure and listing requirements of the JSE.

The delivery of Bell Equipment’s strategy is dependent on the values, talent and skills of all employees across the group and the committee has been mandated to ensure that the group’s remuneration policy remains fair, transparent and relevant in order to drive a growing and sustainable business. This requires that there is a meaningful consideration of the group’s external and internal operating environments together with the competitive landscape in respect of levels of remuneration required to ensure that the right talent is attracted and retained at appropriate levels and/or positions. This was achieved, inter alia, by making use of independent salary surveys, benchmarking exercises and professional advice from Deloitte Human Capital and Global Business Solutions in respect of the South African market and from Willis Towers Watson in respect of the group’s European operations.

Further ongoing actions in this regard include investing in people through initiatives including talent management, development opportunities for employees and needs based training courses.

The committee will continue to provide stakeholders with clarity on how Bell Equipment’s remuneration policy informs the actual pay and awards received by its executive directors, senior executives and prescribed officers as defined in the Companies Act.

Committee governance

The committee has conducted its affairs in compliance with its terms of reference, which are reviewed annually, and has discharged its responsibilities in accordance therewith. The board remains ultimately responsible for remuneration policy and will refer matters to shareholders for approval when required.

The board accepted all the recommendations made by the committee during the year and the committee’s terms of reference continue to be subject to the provisions of the Companies Act, the MOI and any other applicable laws or regulatory

provisions. In this regard, the committee has reviewed and implemented the King IV principles in the policy design, implementation and reporting with specific reference to Principle 14 addressing fair and transparent remuneration. It continues to consider and interpret the recommended practices in the context of King IV in a way that is appropriate for the group and the sector in which it operates.

In line with the recommendations of King IV, the committee comprises of two independent non executive directors and one non executive director as further detailed in the leadership report. The three suitably skilled and experienced members have an appropriate mix of talent.

The chief executive attends meetings by invitation to ensure that the strategic imperatives of the business and its trading environment provide context to the many and varied considerations with which this committee engages. However, he has no voting rights and is recused when his own remuneration is reviewed. In addition, other members of executive management, including but not limited to the group human resources executive, may be invited to committee meetings from time to time when appropriate, but they too have no voting rights and are not present when their particular performance is evaluated and/or when their remuneration is discussed.

The company secretary serves in her capacity as secretary to this committee which convened on three occasions during the year. The attendance details of members of the committee who participated therein are set out in the leadership report

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